Gate towards the World (GTW)

“Gate towards the World”: January 1st, 2013 – September 15th, 2013

The project took place in Baia Mare and the metropolitan area, on AIST premises or at its partners’ locations. The geographical area of ​​the project includes 5 countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Portugal and Romania. One of the organizations is both the coordinator and the host, and the other four are the sending organizations.

The project has two main focal points: children and education through sports as well as outdoor activities and includes the following objectives:

 Providing learning opportunities and life experience for five EVS volunteers and 60 young volunteers from Baia Mare and the surrounding areas, through activities with youth and children, during the six months of internship.

Promoting non-formal education through daily workshops and activities for 1,000 children and young people, with the support of five EVS volunteers, over six months.

Promoting volunteering within the community of Baia Mare, a community that includes 140,000 inhabitants, through three daily activities with children and youth, activities that will run for six months, as well as a series of public events.

EVS volunteers coordinated both indoor and outdoor activities and non-formal educational programs for children and young people such as Mother’s Day, Earth Day, Easter, Environment Day, Europe Day, International Children’s Day, through games, sports, hiking activities, handicraft workshops, music, language clubs, treasure hunts, thus playing an important role in the life of the organization and the community. They designed and implemented a community project to actively involve children and young people with reduced opportunities, organized at least five public events to promote non-formal education and volunteering in the local community, as part of their international project: Volunteer Day, Non-formal Education Day, Youth Day, etc.

The activities that Benjamin, Chad, Christine, Luis, and Monica organized within the project were: Ministart, Language Workshops, Weekly Edutainment, Happy BirdsDay, Easter 2013, Zumba classes, Let’s Put a Face to English, Each Child Matters, Drugs Change Everything, Plant for the Planet, Europe Day, You Can Make a Difference: Volunteer!, Childhood Times, AIST Football Tournament, and After-School English.