Volunteers and Volunteering

In recent years, volunteering has begun to be increasingly better grasped, and more easily accessible in Romania. If ten or fifteen years ago there were very few stories with and about volunteers, today, more and more young people choose to make a difference this way. Volunteering takes many forms, but its basic feature is that the volunteer donates his or her time and knowledge to the community.

We are proud that at AIST we have been promoting volunteering since the very establishment of our organization. Over 200 international volunteers and several dozen local volunteers have passed through our organization in the recent years. Each year was marked by a European volunteer program through which participants from different parts of Europe came to Maramureș to interact with our youth and children, opening the door to a different world than the one previously known.

In 2019 we initiated for the very first time, through a European volunteer program, the selection, along with international volunteers of eight volunteers from Romania. The main idea of ​​the project is for young people to learn from each other aspects related to their countries of origin, managing thus to truly restore the essence of the European spirit of collaboration and multiculturalism through activities promoted within the community.We are glad that young Romanians are responding in increasing numbers to volunteer opportunities, which we believe can help them play a major role in becoming the responsible adults of tomorrow.

Should you wish to join us by dedicating your time for the benefit of the community, by supporting educational activities for children or youth, we invite you to send us a résumé and a letter of intent at these e-mail addresses Ralu.Contiu @ AISTschool.ro or Onoriu.Dan@AISTschool.ro



SOCIAL INCLUSION @ Work! – Hand in Hand for Europe

When? – a total of 38 weeks, between September 1st 2020 and June 1st 2021

What? – a volunteering service financed by the European Solidarity Corps, consisting of non-formal education activities with children and youth in Baia Mare and surrounding communities.

Who? – young people aged 18 to 30, who are interested in personal development, who enjoy working with children and other young people, who are open and tolerant to other cultures.

Where? – at our Baia Mare headquarters and online .

Why? – all costs are covered (transportation, accommodation, food and pocket money, medical insurance, mentoring, trainings).  Moreover, the volunteer will gain valuable work experience and understanding of diversity, in an international team.

What for? – the main role of the volunteer is to assist extracurricular and non-formal educational activities, coordinate different activities and programs for children and youth, typical and underprivileged, in live and online meetings, in Baia Mare and other urban and rural communities. The volunteer will also be involved in planning and implementing social inclusion activities through non-formal educational methods. The activities and events promote concepts such as human rights, human dignity, equality and equity, non-discrimination, social inclusion, freedom of speech, solidarity, multiculturalism etc. 

How? – for other details you can contact us at Onoriu.Dan@AISTschool.ro or enroll directly on the European platform here: https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity/placement/19516_en?fbclid=IwAR03xKwH4BnEaW9ds0KkzvyjXOF7puKABR29sbfqplL6KYvNuKBKSj4mdoM