Volunteering in Europe

Our association is accredited by the European Commission to coordinate volunteer projects, to host international volunteers and to send Romanian volunteers in internships abroad, within the Erasmus + and European Solidarity Corps programs, about which you can find out more details here:



AIST offers a plethora of opportunities, the duration of time spent abroad ranging from short, two months internships (ideal for college students and adult high school students during the summer holidays) to long internships of up to twelve months (which can cover gaps in the educational or professional activity). These periods of time spent in other European areas facilitate the accumulation of practical experiences and skills, according to one’s preferences and interests, improve the use of foreign languages ​​and develop independent living skills, all recognized by the issuance of an International Certificate called YouthPass, about which you can read more information here Youthpass

Since 2013, we have offered the chance to live the experience of international volunteering to a number of about one hundred young people from Romania, some of them becoming true non-formal ambassadors of our country and deeply inspiring the fresh air of opportunities in other countries. Because we take this activity of our Association very seriously, we have chosen to promote only young people who are sincerely concerned about volunteering activities, discouraging alleged opportunists or free tourism enthusiasts.

Due to the stable and effective network of partnerships with other organizations across Europe, our colleagues can help you find what works best for you from the vast online database and we can recommend serious projects and host organizations that will transform your volunteering internships in memorable life experiences.

Provided you have found a project that you would like to access or you are interested in the projects already approved and funded by our partner organizations, we invite you to send us an e-mail regarding this matter at the following e-mail addresses: Ralu.Contiu @ AISTschool.ro or Onoriu.Dan@AISTschool.ro to set up a counseling meeting at our headquarters.

Through everything we do, we remain true to our motto, that of being the Gate towards the World!


The success of the AIST Association is the result of the combined efforts of our team. We went through stages of inherent development together, we gradually grew and we expanded our activities emphasizing the professional training and human qualities of each member. Before anyone can join our team, they need to demonstrate either a great potential that can be cultivated together, or specific performances in activities similar to those they want to partake in with us. We are a true family, and interpersonal relationships are very important for the cohesiveness of our team. Team spirit is essential, as we like having on board individuals who excel at what they do, people with whom we can evolve both professionally and personally.


· you want to get involved in supporting the community through education

· you relate exceptionally to those around you, especially to children and young people

· you are concerned with professional development and you are open to innovation

· you understand the value of non-formal education in relation to formal education

· you master at least one foreign language and appreciate multicultural environments

· you are an empathetic, spontaneous and creative person

… You could be part of our team.

The first step is to send us a résumé and a letter of intent to the e-mail address office2@AISTschool.ro in which you express your desire to be part of our team, emphasizing your strengths that would bring an extra value to our association. We will follow –up in order to arrange an initial meeting, and together we will find opportunities for collaboration and convergence points.