Gate to Active European Citizenship (GAEC)

“Gate to Active European Citizenship”: July 1st, 2013 – September 1st, 2014

The project will take place in Baia Mare and the metropolitan area, on AIST premises or at its partners’ locations. The geographical area of ​​the project includes four countries of the program: Denmark, Poland, Germany and Romania. One of the organizations is both the coordinator and the host, and three are the sending organizations

The project has two major themes: raising awareness of European values ​​and encouraging children to reach their full potential and includes the following objectives:

· Providing learning opportunities for active European citizenship and life experience for six EVS volunteers and 100 young volunteers from Baia Mare metropolitan area, through activities with youth and children during the ten months of internship.

· Promoting the active involvement of 1,000 young people in community life through awareness campaigns, volunteer and non-formal education workshops and activities for children and youth, with the help of six EVS volunteers for ten months.

· Promoting the dedication of young people to support inclusive growth through volunteering and non-formal educational activities that will stimulate 100 young people who already are or are at risk of becoming unemployed, to become more versatile and to adopt proactive behavior in society.

· Promoting a healthy life within the community of 150,000 inhabitants of Baia Mare, by practicing outdoor activities and sports, with 300 children and youth and through three public events.

EVS volunteers will actively be involved in the Fly high, butterfly! Program, assisting the coordinator and participating in curricular activities, Monday through Friday before noon. In the afternoon, as part of the After School English program, volunteers will assist and coordinate indoor and outdoor activities and non-formal education programs for children and young people, such as International Literacy Day, Animal Day, Halloween, Romania’s National Day, Christmas, Winter Festival , Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Pi Day, Spring Fantasy, Earth Day, Easter, Environment Day, Europe Day, Save the Forest!, International Children’s Day, through games, sports, hiking activities, handicraft workshops, music, language clubs , and treasure hunts, thus playing an important role in the life of the organization and the community. Volunteers will design and implement a community project in order to actively involve children and youth with reduced opportunities. To promote active European citizenship through non-formal education and volunteering in the local community, a minimum of ten public events will be organized, as part of their international project: Volunteer Day, Non-Formal Education Day, Youth Day, etc.